It is our goal to create our clients dreams by hand crafting the ultimate in Structural Integrity, Seaworthiness and Quality with the finest North American craftsmanship. We believe the best way to build a quality vessel is with a small group of highly skilled people, this will keep the wasted materials and man hours to a minimum.

It is my experience that most large boat building companies have a great deal of unnecessary cost built into the price of their products. This is passed onto the customer in various ways and the bottom line is less of the customers money goes into the vessel and more into overhead marketing and commissions.

The overall thrust at Park Isle Marine, then, is pretty straightforward - to craft custom vessels that represent the ultimate in structural integrity and comfort using the finest North American craftsmanship. Our clients are experienced yachtsmen (and women) with specific cruising needs who appreciate the meaning of seaworthiness and the value of quality workmanship.