LOCATED in the Pacific Northwest, a region known for its technology and high quality yacht construction, the founders were able to select the most talented group of builders, engineers and advanced lamination crew in the industry. They teamed up with local Naval Architect Greg Marshall and designed the Fathom 40. After design finalization, Janicki Industries began machining all the male plugs necessary to build the molds for the yacht.


The boats are meticulously designed using CAD software resulting in stellar performance, efficiency and ride. CAD also allows better utilization of space and a higher level of fit & finish. Every component and feature was incorporated into the computer design and located for function and ease of repair before the boat was built. Design features like a spacious engine room for easy maintenance, a mid-lazarette with over 100 cubic feet of storage or the folding transom make the Fathom a showpiece. The interior design and layout is spacious, comfortable and perfect for extended cruising or just a weekend away.

From the bridge to the engine room, every conceivable access has been meticulously thought out to give the maximum amount of space to the interior ergonomics. By building the yacht initially in 'computer space' we were able to have all the components in place with the correct dimensions so the pieces fit like a glove when assembled. There is no room for human error during construction.